Positive Beliefs: The Master List

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Master List of Positive BeliefsThere is a little-known ongoing research of America’s most successful people. Some people have dedicated their lives to this study. I call these people success gurus. They have found that successful people tend to do the same things. They think the same way. Their values, beliefs, and attitudes are similar. Even their parents tend to parent in the same way.

These similarities are called the commonalities of success. It is these commonalities that you want to teach your children. When you do this, you are infusing the cream of America’s most successful people into your children.

The commonalities of success have been best communicated to the people via the speaker’s platform. Some of the greatest speakers have been Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Bob Richards, and Norman Vincent Peale. The trouble is less than 1% of the American people have been lucky enough to be exposed to these speakers.

There is a master list of positive beliefs in chapter 1 of my book, Success for Your Children. This list originated from all the great speakers I have heard over the years. I have gleaned off the best and most useable wisdom tips and organized them in a format that is useable by anyone. I consider this list to be pure gold. It is a great list for parents to choose from.

Master List of Positive Beliefs

Goal setting really works.

Copying the successful is smart.

Having ambitious friends is a good influence.

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Getting along with people is important.

You become who you associate with.

Little things can make a difference.

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Nothing is ever free.

Good manners will make a person more popular.

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Smart dress gives you the advantage.

Life is a game of percentages.

There is value in asking questions.

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For this complete list of positive beliefs, see Success for Your Children, page 20.

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Success for Your Children: Practical Wisdom for Raising Great Kids in Challenging Times is about being the best that you can be. Overall, it is based on one simple premise: Copy the successful.

You can do great things for your children. Much of what you will need is in this book. The path is really quite clear. You simply need to teach your children to copy the successful. Teach them how to use common sense, logic, and good judgment in how they think and how they do things.