You Have 3 Chances at Success

Everyone has at least one swing at success. For those who get married and have children, they will have a second and probably a third chance of getting it right. We start with our own personal lives. Our success depends a great deal on the beliefs of our parents, the depth of their wisdom, and how good of a job they do.

With hard work and smart decisions a child can sometimes overcome mediocre parenting and less than desirable environmental conditions to still become successful. The trouble is the probability of success is lower.

When you grow up, get married, and have children, you will have your second chance at success. Almost all parents want their children to have a more fulfilling life than their own. Most parents will make personal and financial sacrifices to try to make this happen. In our lives we all do some things right and do some things wrong. We have wins and we have loses. A smart parent learns from his mistakes and will make sure he does not allow those mistakes to happen with his own children.

Then along comes the grandchildren that tug at the hearts of the grandparents and cause them to give up their lifelong home and friends and chase the grandchildren wherever they go. Grandparents see this as the last chance to get it right. At 60 years of age their eyesight is better, they see things they never saw before. They are smarter. They are wiser.

I had not anticipated that grandparents that had read my book, Success for Your Children: Practical Wisdom for Raising Great Kids in Challenging Times, would become my most enthusiastic readers. They have strongly encouraged their own children who are now parents to read and use the book as a common sense guide.

This book is a treasure chest full of good ideas, concepts, and wisdoms. They all come from and belong to America’s most successful people. They carry the magic that will give your children the chance to have an extraordinary life.