Teach Your Children Well

Good manners are a must for success. They are the key to getting along with other people. So be sure to teach your children how to behave.

Early on, teach your children to respect others.

At three, start with simple courtesies like “Please,” “Thank you,” “Excuse me,” and “I’m sorry.”

At four, teach them how to say hello.

At five, start working on basic table manners.

At ten, emphasize good sportsmanship.

At eleven, teach telephone manners.

At twelve, start on introductions.

Excerpted from Success for Your Children, page 93.

In Success for Your Children: Practical Wisdom for Raising Great Kids in Challenging Times, the author shows how parents need to step up and take charge immediately. The process starts the day the first baby comes home from the hospital. This is the hundred-yard dash of parenting. The first three years are crunch time. After seven years, it may be too late.