Success Tips from the Fans of Oprah

Be generous—and not just with money. Sharing your heart and wisdom costs nothing. — Patricia Kincaid

Self-discovery is the best investment you can make. To know yourself deeply reveals your true purpose and brings forth genuine joy. — Shaina Leis

Always look your best when you feel your worst. — Elizabeth Rand

On the stage of life, play your role with gusto. Someone is waiting for your cue. — Charlene Mozee Harris

Always speak your truth. You can never be faulted when it comes from your heart. — Laurie Greenberg

Life is here today, gone tomorrow, so sow the right seeds. You’ll be eating from your own garden. — Barbara Pippins

Don’t let anyone take away your joy. — Donna Pressley

You are not put on this planet to make everyone happy. You’re here to be your best you. — Sophia Greene

The short-term pain of facing a truth is far better than the long-term pain of believing a lie. — Christy Alsandor

My 90-year-old granny gave me the best advice to stay youthful: Keep an open mind, be curious, and exercise for an hour every day. — Nina Nixdorf

In Success for Your Children: Practical Wisdom for Raising Great Kids in Challenging Times, the author shows how parents need to step up and take charge immediately. The process starts the day the first baby comes home from the hospital. This is the hundred-yard dash of parenting. The first three years are crunch time. After seven years, it may be too late.