The Key to Parenting Success: Parental Team Meetings

Any well-run organization has a structure that makes sure important things get done. You cannot depend on chance. Good things do not just happen.

Parents should get together once a month to discuss how they are doing as parents. I call these planning sessions parental team meetings. They should be held on the same day, same time, and at the same place. Go out to breakfast or lunch on the last Sunday of the month. Work off a written agenda so you make sure you cover all the bases. Parents need to work as a team. To be effective they must close ranks. They need to continually brainstorm with the goal of getting better and better.

Good ideas and concepts have no value if they are not used. Talent and knowledge are worthless unless they are put into action. Parental team meetings is the trigger that makes things happen.

Las Vegas odds on your parental success would go very much in your favor if you faithfully held your team meetings. If you choose not to do this, your parental success would be considered a long shot by the Las Vegas odds makers.

A big side benefit to these meetings is that you will get Dad more involved in the parenting process. Plus, team meetings where Mom and Dad carry on real, meaningful conversations about important family matters could be a real plus to their marriage (and not just a benefit to the children).

For a sample written agenda, see pages 156 and 157 of Success for Your Children.

Note: The concept of team meetings could be the most beneficial idea in Success for Your Children. The potential benefits are unlimited.

In Success for Your Children: Practical Wisdom for Raising Great Kids in Challenging Times, the author shows how parents need to step up and take charge immediately. The process starts the day the first baby comes home from the hospital. This is the hundred-yard dash of parenting. The first three years are crunch time. After seven years, it may be too late.