Your Children Need Real Leadership

disciplineIt has gotten tough out there. Common sense seems to have been thrown out the window. America’s culture no longer automatically provides the structures that our children require. Today’s children need help. They do not need a buddy or a friend. They need strong leadership, and there is only the parents left to provide that leadership. Parents must take control of the ship.

In a nutshell parents should do the following:

Step up and take control from day one. To be able to do this you have to clearly define what you want to accomplish. These things are called goals.

Develop a plan of attack to achieve each one of your goals.

Hold monthly team meetings. Work off a written agenda. Brainstorm on how well you are performing as parents.

Continually fine-tune your plan of attack. Always try to do a better job. Compliment and encourage each other.

In Success for Your Children: Practical Wisdom for Raising Great Kids in Challenging Times, the author shows how parents need to step up and take charge immediately. The process starts the day the first baby comes home from the hospital. This is the hundred-yard dash of parenting. The first three years are crunch time. After seven years, it may be too late.