Book Excerpts

A Message to Parents

The great secret to life is to get wise before you get old.

I started to get wise and smart at about sixty years of age. I was really dumb in my younger years. I thought I was smart, but I really was not. I began to get flashbacks of my younger years. I would grimace at the memories of some of the things I had done and some of the decisions I had made.

When you are young, you just do not understand things. You certainly do not have wisdom at twenty-five years of age. You are busy doing whatever everyone else around you is doing. Chasing after things which are not important is a waste of one’s life. Americans are very good at this. We are way too busy. We have little or no quiet time. At age sixty, you start throwing out all the stuff you just had to have when you were younger.

What I needed was a mentor or a wise old sage whom I could talk to. I needed someone who could make me see what was important. We tend to hang out with people our own age who are all equally naive to the world. We need someone older and wiser to discuss important decisions and issues with. In reality, we all have someone like this. They are called parents. But unfortunately, way too often, open and comfortable communication is never achieved. This kind of communication does not just happen. You have to work on it from the very beginning.

When my adult children saw what was in this book, they said, “Why didn’t we get any of this stuff?”

I could only answer, “I do not know.” We all get wise too late.

This book is packed with a lot of good concepts that work. These ideas are based on the real world. It is how America’s most successful people do things. This book gives you insight into how the successful think. The secrets of success found on these pages were chosen because they have the highest probability of helping your children.

There is nothing in this book based on theories, assumptions, or academia. There is nothing psychological or fuzzy and warm here. If you want these things, you will need to look elsewhere.

This book is about getting your children ready to compete successfully in the real world.

I have learned so much in my lifetime. I have paid a high price for much of what I have learned along the way. Hopefully, I can assist you in helping your children to avoid many of the common mistakes that we all make. If I can point the way by showing how America’s most successful people think and do things, then good things can happen for you in raising great children.

Robert Medley

A Cut Above the Rest

This book was not written for your children to be just okay. Average is not good enough in America today. The goal of this book is for your children to be the best that they can be. The question is, do you want your children to be extraordinary? Do you want your children to go beyond what you were able to achieve? Do you hope that their lives will be more fulfilling?

To accomplish this, your children need to be raised in an ambitious community with top schools where there are high levels of expectations. They need to go into careers in which they love their work. They need to marry someone that they are compatible with in regard to values, personality, and interests.

You can do great things for your children. Much of what you will need is in this book. The path is really quite clear. You simply need to teach your children to copy the successful. Teach them how to use common sense, logic, and good judgment in how they think and how they do things.

If you do, the probability of your children being a cut above the rest is excellent.

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