About the Author

About the Author: Robert G. Medley

I was going nowhere in my life. I was twenty-four years old and did not have a clue as to what I should do for my lifework. I was frustrated and embarrassed. I was one very sad puppy. Then I got lucky. I discovered a topnotch veteran vocational counselor from the private sector who was donating one evening a week at Columbia University. Finding work that I love changed everything. I was focused, excited, and motivated every day. I achieved a level of success way beyond anything I had envisioned.

In 1990, a national business consultant ranked my real estate brokerage as one of the top ten in the world. The frustration that I personally had experienced is way too common. So many of our youth so desperately need help with career selection. There is no help “out there.” As with so many important things that our children need, there are only the parents to get the job done.

The subject of success became my life passion. I studied with America’s greatest success gurus and applied their principles to help seven hundred of my agents over a twenty-five-year period. I discovered how it all comes together. I helped many to be far more successful than they had ever hoped for.

There were some people that I could not help as much. Their success was literally being blocked and limited by events and acquired beliefs of their earlier lives. The realization of the strong consequential influences of the early years and how they can positively or negatively affect one’s chances in life were the inspiration and motivation to write Success for Your Children.